How to Plan a Trip to Washington DC: Your Travel Guide


Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool
How to plan your trip to Washington DC?

Washington DC is most visited tourist destination in the US. It’s a home to various monuments, memorial& museums. A three days tour is more than enough to explore about Capital.  In this article, we will assist you on every step, how you should plan your trip with ease and minimal hassle and get most out of it.

When is the best time to visit Washington DC ?

The ideal time to visit DC is from ‘September to November’ and ‘March to May’. During this time weather is favourable and key events are on their peak. Let’s find out more about temperature, precipitation and key events during following months. (Link opens in a new tab)

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How to pack for your trip to Washington DC?

As you may now be aware that DC area experience very warm summers and cold winters. In summers, temperature reaches around 90° (F) and in winters it falls down to 25° (F), so it’s important that you should pack your clothes according to time of your visit. Let’s see what is the expert advice on the same.

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How to reach Washington DC?

The national capital of US is well connected by air, train, road and metro on daily basis. There are three international airports in the capital and a frequent train service from New York. We can get more information about flight schedule, train service and taxi fare in the following links:

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Where to stay in Washington DC for sight seeing ?

DC is surrounded by various luxury & midrange hotels. However, you must choose a hotel which is nearby and fulfils the purpose of your visit e.g. some hotels are close to shopping area, some are very nearby to monuments and some are excellent for night life. Let’s see what our travel guru has to say more on this:

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Places to visit in Washington DC: Two days itinerary

Day 1 – The White House Tour

The white house tour informationA visit to white house is a most memorable experience. If you wish to attend a public tour of the White House, then make sure to book a reservation for yourself. Let’s find out how:

  • The white house tour
    • Planning your visit
    • Forms of identification
    • Prohibited items
    • Permitted items
    • Restrooms

Day 1 –  Washington Monument

Washington Monument and Reflecting PoolWashington monument was built to honor the first president of US, George Washington. Tickets are mandatory to visit this remarkable monument. Let’s find out how you can get one:

Day 1 –  Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln-MemorialThe Lincoln Memorial was built in the honor of 16th President of United States, Abraham Lincoln. The memorial symbolizes his belief in humanity and equality. Let’s find out more about fees & things to do at the monument:

Day 1 – Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson-MemorialThe classical Thomas Jefferson Memorial was built to honor the third President of United States. Jefferson made very useful contribution in the history on United States of America. He was fluent in 6 languages namely Greek, Latin, Italian, French, Anglo-Saxon and Spanish.

Day 1 – Vietnam Veteran Memorial

how to plan a visit to Vietnam Veteran MemorialThe Vietnam Veteran Memorial was built to pay tribute to brave soldiers of United States who fought in Vietnam and were killed or missing from action.

Day 1 – National World War II Memorial

planning a visit to National World War II MemorialThe National World Was II Memorial was built to honor the 16 million US armed solders who fought in world war 2, and more than 400000 scarified their life during the war.

Day 2 – Library of Congress

Library of CongressIn terms of collection size, the Library of Congress is the world’s largest library. There is no fees to visit this library.

Day 2 –  The Smithsonian Institution Museums

How to plan a trip to The-Smithsonian-museumsThe Smithsonian Institution is the largest museum and research complex in the world. It includes 19 museums and one National Zoological Park.

Day 2 – National Air and Space Museum

How to plan a trip to national air & space museumThere are thousands of object to look for in National Air & Space Museum. You can learn everything about aircrafts and big spaceships. 

Day 2 –  The US Capitol Building

What to Pack for a Trip to Washington DC during November to JanuaryThe US Capitol building represents American people and their Government. Architectural, this is one of the most impressive building in the world.  This is a working office building and a meeting place of nation’s legislature.

Day 2 – Washington National Cathedral

Washington National CathedralUseful links:

Where to eat in Washington DC during your tour ?

There is so much to do & see in Washington DC, when ever you feel a need to take a break from your sightseeing activities, you can consider the below options-

How to ensure safety of your family in Washington DC?

Washington is relatively a safe place to roam about, however crime do happens some time. Therefore to ensure safety of you and your family please do consider following points.

How to book  a tour package to Washington DC?

There are so many websites offering very lucrative packages for Washington DC. However, travelguru has picked up some of the best deals for you.

Frequently asked questions about Washington DC?

If it’s your first time visit to the capital, you may have some travel related questions in your mind. Therefore, Travelguru has tried to answer all of your concerns and questions in below links.