What to Pack for a Trip to Paris during November to January

What to Pack for a Trip to Paris during November to January


How to plan a trip to Paris during November, December & JanuaryHow to plan a trip to Paris

Located on the Seine River, Paris is one of the most crowded cities in France. Tourists from all over the world come to the city for its famous attractions. Paris is a significant center for the arts, fashion and science. In Paris, the most prominent architectural landmarks consist of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, the Eiffel Tower, and the Basilica of Sacre Coeur on Montmarte. There are a number of sightseeing ideas that you can utilize in Paris. To make the most out of your traveling to Paris during the winter months, follow these tips.

Weather in Paris during November, December & January

When you travel to Paris, always be prepared for the winter weather. It is common to find cold and wet winters in Paris. There is mild freezing along with occasional snow in this romantic city. The average highs for winter temperatures are about 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit with grey skies and rain. December is considered one of the coldest months in Paris and despite the weather, there are still hoards of tourists who flock to this historic city.

What clothes to Pack for Paris during November, December & January

Men –

  • Insulated Jacket – It’s not just about looking good. Being warm and comfortable are good reasons to pack an insulated jacket with good breathability. While you are visiting this popular tourist destination, a warm jacket is ideal for the chilly winter season.
  • Sweatpants – Loose sweatpants are comfortable, warm and cozy. Sweatpants are easy to pack and don’t take up too much room in a suitcase. Pack several pairs of your favorite sweatpants for taking strolls in Paris, workouts and other activities.
  • Warm boots and wool socks – When you are walking around in the rain and snow, your feet should always be warm. If you are staying in Paris for several weeks, keep your feet super warm by bringing along the amount of wool socks you need.

Women – 

  • Long Skirts – When you are in the city of love, your goal is to maintain a comfortable look at all times. Bring along a collection of long winter skirts to give you a comfy, elegant look. These skirts are long enough to cover your legs and provide protection from the cold weather. The best winter skirts are constructed from warm fabrics, they are fashionable and easy to pack.
  • Black Winter Stockings – Black full length stockings are practical and most importantly, they are ideal for protecting your legs against the cold winds in Paris. Black stockings are versatile. They can be worn with any color skirt and gives you full coverage.
  • Fleece Sweaters – High quality fleece sweaters are comfortable for winter weather in Paris. During the cold, biting weather a fleece sweater and jacket is the perfect choice. A fleece sweater assist with heat retention, the soft material is breathable, water resistant and windproof. You don’t have to worry about these sweaters being crushed during your travel to Paris.

Kids – 

  • Pullover sweaters – For your Paris vacation, select the best winter clothes that are suitable for your child’s needs. Kids pullover sweaters are cozy, casual and suitable for outdoor comfort. On a chilly day, kids will enjoy the luxurious warmth of these sweaters.
  • Kids Travel Toothbrush Kit – A travel toothbrush kit for kids is great for vacations. These take up a small room and can be easily stored in your handbag.

What other essential things to bring in Paris during November, December and January

  • Flight pillow – If you will be traveling for hours, a flight pillow is ideal for you to rest your head and to prevent jet lag. Bring along comfortable pillows for the entire family. A travel pillow is portable and provides great neck support.
  • Winter Accessories – In order to free up space in your luggage, wear your winter accessories. These may consist of a glove, scarf or hat. If you become overheated during your flight to Paris, these accessories can be easily stored away in your jacket.
  • Camera Charger – When you are taking pictures of the beautiful sights in Paris, a camera charger is essential. A charger is easy to carry along with your camera. On your Paris vacation, you can be assured that your camera will always be ready to capture beautiful images.

Paris is the City of life, love, and fashion. For a first timer, Paris offers famous landmarks, museums, and exciting strolls that you will enjoy with your entire family. You don’t have to pack a lot of clothes. Only focus on the essentials for spending winters in Paris.