What to Pack for a Trip to San Diego in Winters

What to Pack for a Trip to San Diego in Winters


What clothes to pack for a trip to San Diego in wntersHow to plan a trip to San Diego in winters

Give your family a special surprise by planning a trip to San Diego in winters. This gives you the opportunity to lay back and enjoy the upcoming holiday seasons in a fun environment. San Diego is the ideal city to lift your spirits and to engage in the best holiday activities. Before you pack for your trip, find out about the weather conditions. In this article, you will learn the appropriate winter gear that you should pack for your winter getaway.

Weather in San Diego during Winter Months

San Diego is the perfect place for your winter wonderland escape. The coldest month is in December with a whopping temperature of forty eight degrees. The average temperature in this city typically ranges from forty nine degrees to seventy six degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months. For the cold season, you will need to pack the right gear for you and your family.

What clothes to Pack for San Diego in winters

Men –

  • Warm Leggings – Start with the base layers to keep your legs warm. Spandex leggings are more ideal because they are able to retain your body heat. Keeping your legs warm with these essential layers is a good way for you to feel comfortable.

Insulated Gloves – Leather fleece lined gloves protect your hands from the harshest weather conditions. When you are outdoors in the frigid temperature in San Diego, these gloves are an excellent choice. They are crucial for your winter trip.

  • Wool Sweaters – Pack high quality wool sweaters to keep your body warm and comfortable in the cold weather. Wool is an elastic fabric that lasts longer than other synthetic fabrics. Wool is a light, yet strong fabric that you can be assured will keep you comfortable on your trip. The fabric is anti-microbial, durable and water-resistant.
  • Wool Pants – Wool pants are essential for casual outings or for dining at a restaurant. Men’s wool dress pants are designed for your comfort. Pack several pairs of wool pants for your versatility and for protection against the cold temperature.
  • Boots – While strolling around in San Diego you will need a great pair of boots to keep your feet warm. Depending on the activities that you’ve planned for your trip, choose comfortable boots that are designed for your purpose. Winter boots with insulated lining will keep your feet warm and dry when you are outdoors in the cold weather.

Rain Coat – Plan on packing an umbrella and rain coat before you head out to San Diego. It is essential to have a reliable raincoat for the occasional winter rain while you are out enjoying the beautiful attractions of the city. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, these are must-have items.


  • Winter Jeans – If you are planning for your trip in December, pack several pairs of winter jeans.
  • Scarves – The fashionable woman can still maintain her sense of style by wearing colorful scarves and cute sweaters during cold temperatures. When the temperature in San Diego is below fifty degrees, wrap your neck in scarves to keep out the harsh chill.
  • Maxi Skirts – Maxi skirts and dresses are not just for the summer months. You can still show off your sophistication and femininity by packing stylish coats and dresses that you’d like to wear.
  • Loose Fitting Tees – Although there are various layering options to choose from, you don’t have to have a bulky look. You could choose a variety of loose fitting tees for your packing. Wear natural fibers that offer the advantage of breathability.
  • Luggage and Bags – Ensure that the luggage and bags you bring is sizable enough to accommodate all the things you need. Think about all the essentials you need and choose wisely.


  • Winter Pajamas – On chilly winter nights, kids should be bundled in warm pajamas. Kids love to snuggle up in their warm, cozy pajamas. These long sleeved sleep-wares are comfy and allow them to sleep peacefully throughout the night.
  • Knit Caps – There are many comfy knit cap designs and patterns that kids like to wear. Knit caps are ideal to retain heat.
  • Sweatshirt Hoodie – Kids love to wear sweatshirt hoodies in cold weather. Hoodies are designed to fit perfectly and they are comfortable to wear. For your trip, pack a selection of your kids’ favorite hoodies to be assured that they will be comfortable. These sweat shirts are extremely soft, water-resistant and warm.

What other essential things to bring to San Diego

  • Sun protection – Sun protection supplies are extremely important to bring along. Everyone in your family should be wearing sun protection to protect their eyes, ears and face.
  • Beach wear – Don’t forget to bring along beach wear. Comfortable beach wear is ideal if you’re planning to visit the beach. Bring along swim suits, long-sleeved tops, T-shirts, shorts, and other comfortable beach gear for you and your family.
  • Sun Glasses – Shades are ideal when you are touring the beautiful city of San Diego. Carefully store sun glasses in separate boxes to prevent them from being damaged. For extra protection, wrap them with bubble-wrap so they are not smashed during your trip.
  • Toiletries – Toiletries such as hair conditioner, shampoo, lotion, razors, and deodorant are must-haves on your packing list. Put these in a nice luggage so they can be easily accessed.
  • Medical Supplies – If you’re traveling with children, pack all the essential medical supplies that they will need. In your travel health kit, pack essential prescription medications, injectables, sleep-aids, cough drops, and other over-the-counter medicines for the family.

Packing does not have to be an overwhelming task when done in advance. Before you start packing, create a list to ensure that you have everything you need for your trip to San Diego.