What to Pack for a Trip to Washington DC during November to...

What to Pack for a Trip to Washington DC during November to January


What to Pack for a Trip to Washington DC during November to JanuaryHow to plan a trip to Washington DC

Washington D.C, also known as the “district” is the capital of the United Sates and the twenty second most populous in the country. The capital hosts 176 foreign embassies, non profit organizations, trade unions, and a myriad of professional associations. In Washington, there are also a number of national monuments and museums that are located at the National Mall. The city is filled with memorable, iconic places that a family would love to visit during any season of the year. When you are planning your next trip, the nation’s Capitol should be on your list.

Weather in Washington DC during November, December & January months

Located on the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. East coast, Washington D.C. is a great place for millions of tourists to visit. There is usually the occasional snowstorm coupled with fluctuating temperatures above freezing during the winter months.

During the month of November expect an average high temperature of fifty eight degrees with lows of thirty six. Average high temperature during the month of December is typically forty eight degrees and twenty degrees for average lows. In January, average high temperature is forty three degrees.

For men, what clothes to wear in Washington DC in winters:

  • Warm pants – For a two week stay, pack at least five pairs of warm pants. These will take up less space in your luggage.
  • Warm Jacket  –  A warm jacket is handy to wear when you are dining out at restaurants or sightseeing.
  • Clothing for events – Pack clothing for events that you will be attending in DC. Since people in DC dress conservatively, you will need to pack suitable, dressing attire that you will need for your specific activities.
  • Polar Fleece Sweaters – These sweaters are less bulky and don’t take up too much room. If you are concerned about freeing up space, polar fleece is a smart choice for your trip.

For women, what clothes to wear in Washington DC in winters:

  • Heather Grey Vest – This is a piece that you can pack for additional layering.
  • A Stylish Wrap – fashionable scarves can be worn with any outfit and most importantly, they will help you to keep warm. This is a versatile piece of travel clothing that is lightweight and crush-free.
  • Quilted Jacket – A quilted jacket is warm and can be stored away in your luggage. This is an ideal jacket that you should pack or wear to the airport to free up space in your bag. A hoodie and quilted jacket are perfect for chilly days.

For kids, what clothes to wear in Washington DC in winters:

  • Layered Clothes – The most important rule when you are packing for weather in DC is to pack clothes that are comfortable and suitable for the wintery weather.
  • Long Underwear –  If you are vacationing in December, pack long underwear for kids so they can stay warm and comfortable. If you are trying to save space in your luggage, simply roll them individually instead of folding them.
  • Backpack for kids – When you are traveling with infants or children, a small back pack is ideal. Pack essential items that they will need during the duration of the trip.

What other essential things to bring to Washington DC

  • Micro-sized umbrella – It is always best to be prepared for the occasional winter rain in Washington. A micro-sized umbrella is small enough to fit inside your handbag and can be easily accessed whenever you need it.
  • Moist wipes – These can be stored inside your jacket pocket and useful for when you are traveling. While you are traveling through airports, you can sanitize doorknobs of public restrooms, tabletops etc. to kill germs or to sanitize your hands for convenience.
  • Backpacks – Regardless of where you travel in the world, a backpack is a must-have. In your backpack, you can place a camera, travel documents, snacks, water, ipad and other items that you will need on the plane. Backpacks are very cheap, lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • Comfortable Shoes – When you’ve been traveling around for hours, you will need to slip your feet into a comfortable pair of shoes once you’ve reached your destination.
  • Puzzle books – To avoid being bored while you travel on your trip bring along a couple of puzzle books to occupy your mind.

Regardless of the time of year you are traveling, always pack for comfort. Before you leave for your destination, check the weather forecast to avoid over packing and to ensure that you will have a comfortable trip with your family to Washington DC.